The Outcry...

Lately, there have been a lot of news reports, and personal discussions about the kidnapping of the nearly 300 school-aged girls in Nigeria.  It is clearly a story that has captured the hearts and attention of the world.  As a father of two young girls, I can only imagine the grief that these families must be facing right now.  The uncertainty of the situation, and the absolute inhumane nature of this act has outraged millions.  I pray that they find these girls, and are able to return them home safely.  I also pray that the horrible "men" (I put this in quotes, because no real man would harm a child) will be caught and be given the punishment they deserve.  Even Michelle Obama is getting in on this, as she is set to give the radio address to the nation in place of the President later today.  She will be addressing the issue going on in Nigeria.  I applaud the effort of people in this country to help in the search, from our leadership down to the rest of us regular citizens.  It's pretty encouraging.

However... another thought crossed my mind as I sat thinking about the heinous nature of this story.  It was like the Lord posed the question to me in my mind... "Where is the outcry for my defenseless young sons and daughters who are killed every day in this world?"  Yes, I am referencing abortion here...

Now, before you write me off as a wacko conservative and tell me that I'm using this terrible story to jump on a soapbox, I want you to think about a few things.  Our nation will spend millions rallying together to save birds trapped in oil slicks.  We spend millions of dollars every year to protect species of insects, animals, whales, etc. Massive media campaigns are launched to support or expose the views of television personalities, which gain massive media attention.  Our culture in America has become so consumed with what the media tells us that we have forgotten what has made America great for over 200 years.  That we have stood up for the defenseless, when they had no one to fight for them.  The Civil War, Both the World Wars, Korea, Viet Nam, The Gulf War, and Iraqi Freedom...  all fought with the original intent to stand up for the oppressed, and for the downtrodden.  America has never been perfect, and most certainly made mistakes in all of these wars.  However, when the world hurts, Americans are there.  That does not make us better than other nations...  it has just made us different.  Don't think we made a difference in WWII?  Visit Europe... find some French folks that are old enough to remember, and they will tell you about the difference America made to their country.  I could go on, but the point is, we are a nation that was founded on different principles...

These principles, many of which are right out of the Bible, have guided us since our country's inception.  However, in the past 40 years, Americans have decided that truth and honor should be left solely up to the mind of the individual.  What has followed has been a breakdown in every segment of society.  Crime, hatred, school shootings, the "knock-out" game, human sexual trafficking, and an endless obsession with sex have changed America.  The root of this problem is our complete about-face from God.  Years ago, right here in Austin, TX, the battle was waged to remove prayer from schools.  Yep, that happened in Texas.  It has become routine to be in a state of chaos in America.  No one wants to admit it, but based on the history of mankind, humans are pretty good at making a serious mess of the world.

If you are outraged by the situation in Nigeria... and you SHOULD BE... I want you to think about this.  Worldwide, there is a baby aborted (killed) every 2 SECONDS...   Let that sink in...  In the the time it has taken me to write this blog (let's say, 10 minutes), there have been about 300 abortions performed.  In the United States alone, there are approximately 4,400 babies aborted   At that rate, the population of my home town of Clovis, NM (35,000) would be erased in just over a week.  If your neighbors started disappearing at that rate, you would most certainly notice!

Where is the outcry for these little ones?  All of these young lives are equally important in God's sight.  What gives us the right to decide that it is okay for some children to die, but that we should fight for others?  I submit that it is because we have become so focused on our own individual comfort and convenience that we refuse to listen to sound logic.  These beautiful young girls in Nigeria did not choose what has happened to them.  Men decided to force this on them...and that makes me angry!  However, the babies that have died today for being an "inconvenient" consequence of sexual activity did not choose what happened to them, either.

As disciples of Jesus, our heart needs to be broken for this world that we live in.  When you bow your head to pray for these families in Nigeria, remember to pray for the young ladies all over the world that think their only answer is abortion.  Pray that God will give them the hope and support that they need to see that their unborn children will have a good life.  Pray for our leaders, pray for the hearts of the nations to turn to Jesus!  

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