Have you prayed for a missionary today?

Hello online friends!  I want to take a minute to ask you to lift up some folks in prayer.  In recent days, I have heard from many friends throughout the world, who are serving as missionaries with the International Mission Board.  I have heard stories of great spiritual victories, about new discipleship groups forming in tough places, and new Christians growing in the faith.  These are very exciting times, as we see the Gospel being heard by so many unreached people groups!

However, if you have been around Christian ministry for long, you know that with great progress, you can also expect greater attacks by the evil one.  Along with these stories of great triumph, I also hear stories that remind us of the unrighteous and dark world that we live in.  Our missionaries face some pretty incredible situations in the field.  Dealing with foreign governments, religious (non-Christian) opposition, language & culture barriers, as well as the challenge of running a ministry can be overwhelming.  Couple these with taking your family to a distant land, often as the only Americans in the area, and you can see why we need to pray for them!

I thank God that He calls men, women, and children to take His light to the nations!  How can we be a part of their ministry?  Well, in a few ways.  First, please pray for these missionaries.  Second, give to our missions offerings, such as the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.  This goes directly to our missionaries on the field!  Third, get in contact with one of our missionaries.  There is no better way to find out about their needs, and how to pray for them, than by talking to them directly!