Are You Proud To Be An American?

I don't know about you, but this election year has been particularly frustrating for me.  No, this is not a rant about who you should vote for, but a by-product of all of the stuff coming across through all forms of media.

Americans are being told that we should be ashamed of who we are...where we came from...and the values that established our country.  We are told that we are power-mongers, oil-mongers, and war-mongers...that we should be apologetic for the success of American business, and taking a stand for nations like Israel.

Somehow in all of this "politically correct" nonsense, we have lost the sense of pride that we once had as Americans.  I heard it during the Olympics...that maybe we should continue to cut out certain sports from the Olympics because we are simply too dominant.  Case in point, softball was cut from the Olympics, some say for this very reason.  I heard American newspeople suggesting that maybe we needed to do this to make it fair for other nations.  Seriously?  Why should we Americans shrink back from the rest of the world, just so they feel okay about themselves?  That's just nonsense...

We have made ourselves hostages of our own odd need to be viewed as politially correct, and non-offensive.  Our leaders continually apologize to other nations...which does what?  If we truly had wronged a nation or people, that would be different.  However, just because we are a nation founded on Biblical principles, by Godly men...why should we apologize for that?  Like it, or not...that's who we are.  We take God out of our history books, out of our schools, and out of our government, and expect to stay blessed by Him?  Make no mistake, we are the greatest nation in the world BECAUSE of the blessings of God, not because we are better people than everyone else in the world. 

For the first time in my life...I hear young men and women talking about the dark days ahead in our country.  I see people disallusioned by the political mess on the federal, state, and city levels.  Corruption, dishonesty, and manipulation seem to be the standards that our leaders portray.  Where did the pride for our country go?

Tonight, I was at a football game here in Austin, TX.  One of our youth sang the national anthem with her school choir.  As I stood facing the flag, listening to that anthem I was reminded once again that we live in the greatest nation on this planet.  Our flag should remind us of all of those who have fought and died so that we could have the freedoms we have right now!

I would love for our young people to understand that sense of pride that our veterans have when they talk about our country.  That twinkle that comes in their eye when you talk to them about how much they love the United States.  These men and women take our freedom why don't we?

No matter what your political views are, all it takes is a trip out of our country to understand just how great it is here in America.  Sure, there are great places to visit in our world, but none of them compare to living in the United States!  I sure am proud to be an American!  We make one does everything perfectly.  However, I hope that you will all vote this November...take your freedom to elect our government seriously!   Praise God for the United States!